Steam Curation

I created a little steam curation page to highlight some of the games that have most influenced my design aesthetics over the years. Unsurprisingly, a lot of them are console to PC ports that probably play terribly outside of the original hardware.

Indiecade GameU 2014

I recently spoke at IndieCade 2014 for GameU, a series of talks “for folks interested in learning about the game development process, how to start developing on their own, and what making a game is about.” They asked for a beginner’s guide to combat design, and a couple of sleepless nights later, I managed to pull something together.

Combat Design & Layering Details aims to be an introduction into the patterns and methodologies that designers use to create  satisfying and functional combat. After a brief note on what drew me into the design field, I try to make sense of all the tiny details that come together to create a simple player attack. The whole thing is a bit of an Ode to the Nitty and Gritty.

I tried to do as much showing as telling, so the presentation has quite a few videos embedded throughout.

KEYNOTE (49mb)

Game Kids 1

My little cousin enjoying a pirated version of Mega Max X2 on his Game Boy Advance.