• Visual and communicative design documentation style
  • Over ten years professional experience as a game systems designer
  • Maintains critical standard for pacing, level distribution, balancing and polish of game systems
  • Highly technical, experienced with prototyping and explorative iteration



Sandbox Designer, Bungie; Seattle, WA (2015-Present)

Product Owner for Weapons Team on Destiny: Rise of Iron. Worked with programmers, artists, and animators to create an entire release’s worth of weapons, over 80 unique end-game guns, exotics, and swords. Maintained weapon balance for a live game.

Feature Lead for Weapons Team on Destiny 2: Forsaken. In addition to above responsibilities, re-balanced weapons time-to-kill, spearheaded feature set for new weapon archetype (Combat Bow), and updated the randomized weapon perks system.

Current: Gameplay Design Lead on Shadowkeep

Systems Designer, The Order: 1886, Ready at Dawn Studios; Irvine, CA – 2010-2015

Worked with programmers and animators to create a state of the art third person shooter from prototype to ship. Responsible for multiple core character systems: gunplay mechanics, AI damage reactions, traversal, and custom object interactions. Wrote initial specifications, iterated on functionality and feel, prioritized tasks, and pushed systems to final polish.

Game Designer, God of War: Ghost of Sparta, Ready at Dawn Studios; Irvine, CA – 2008-2010

Contributed to design and iteration of boss battles. Combat encounter design, balancing, and pacing. Key scripter for multiple levels and demo. Design and scripting of end game bonus content.

Technical Design Intern, LMNO, Electronic Arts, Los Angeles, CA – Summer 2007

Prototyping and design specifications for unreleased Steven Spielberg game concept – an AI driven gameplay experience with emphasis on emergent systems and dynamic storytelling.

Research Assistant, Carnegie Mellon University; Pittsburgh, PA – Spring 2007

Computer vision research assistant/programmer, 5 months.



Carnegie Mellon; Pittsburgh, PA – B.S. Computer Science, addtl major in HCI, 2004-2008



Combat Design & Layering Details, Indiecade, 2014

Game Design Is Dirty Let’s Clean It Up, Georgia Tech VGDev Club, 2012



C/C++, Lua, C#/Java, Unity, Maya

Chinese and Japanese





    • Analyzing and participating in competitive gaming communities
    • Seamless and responsive interfaces, virtual reality, and alternative input devices
    • Reductive design, usability, and holistic user experiences
    • Game jams and developer communities: TIGSource Procedural Generation Compo, Glitch City LA
    • Nighttime bike rides and homemade espresso