Moving on from Ghost of Sparta, a PSP action adventure game, we had to start from scratch on pretty much everything. In this way The Order: 1886 was an incredibly rare opportunity – to build a fully fledged cinematic third person shooter from the ground up – finding problems and coming up with solutions at the lowest level, while at the same time trying define the IP from the top.

“One thing I admire is just how different each weapon feels, and how every single one… is effective in its own way. It’s one of those rare experiences where I felt comfortable using almost any weapon, and couldn’t pick a favorite.”
The Jimquisition

List of things under my responsibility

  • Weapon balancing, tuning, and polish
  • Interact system and implementation (inspects, doors, seamless transitions)
  • Traversal system and metrics (vaulting, ledge, climbing)
  • Gun recoil system
  • Hit reactions system

Other things I helped improve

  • Movement modal
  • Cover system
  • Controller layout
  • Controller rumble implementation