Destiny (Destiny 2, Rise of Iron, Taken King)

Member of the Sandbox Team (the guys that work on weapons, abilities, armor, aka player systems). Worked on weapons – pitch, prototype, polish.

Notable Exotic Weapons:
Sleeper Simulant, Trespasser, Nemesis Star, Sweet Business

Balance Patches

The Order: 1886 (PlayStation 4)


Moving on from Ghost of Sparta, a PSP action adventure game, we had to start from scratch on pretty much everything. In this way The Order: 1886 was an incredibly rare opportunity – to build a fully fledged cinematic third person shooter from the ground up – finding problems and coming up with solutions at the lowest level, while at the same time trying define the IP from the top.

“One thing I admire is just how different each weapon feels, and how every single one… is effective in its own way. It’s one of those rare experiences where I felt comfortable using almost any weapon, and couldn’t pick a favorite.”
The Jimquisition

List of things under my responsibility

  • Weapon balancing, tuning, and polish
  • Interact system and implementation (inspects, doors, seamless transitions)
  • Traversal system and metrics (vaulting, ledge, climbing)
  • Gun recoil system
  • Hit reactions system

Other things I helped improve

  • Movement modal
  • Cover system
  • Controller layout
  • Controller rumble implementation



God of War: Ghost of Sparta (PlayStation Portable)


Encounter design and scripting
Putting together encounters for Atlantis, the first level of the game. Earliest to be fully implemented also used for the demo. Set the bar for all levels to come.

Boss battle design and iteration
Worked with other designers to create initial spec for major boss battles. Collaborated with programmers and animators to bring the specs to life.

“the fight against her [Erinys] is one of Ghost of Sparta’s high points.”

Lots of other stuff
Necessity of small team game development (~25 at ship). Collectible placement and XP economy balancing, camera shakes, animation troubleshooting, destructible placement, and scripting/tuning for puzzles, encounters, and set piece moments.